"Welcome to Samdalri" Ends On Bu Sang-do Handover Han Ji-pyeong Position

Dok: JTBC Drama/Instagram
Dok: JTBC Drama/Instagram

안녕하세여, 친구들 (Annyeonghaseyo, chingudeul)...

On January 21, the romance drama produce JTBC which show at Netflix "Welcome to Samdalri" ends.

According to Nielsen Korea reported by Soompi, the final episode of “Welcome to Samdalri” scored an average nationwide rating of 12.3 percent, marking an almost 2 percent jump from the night before.

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The fans immediately compared one of the characters in the drama, Bu Sang-do with Han Ji-pyeong.

Handing over the position, Han Ji-pyeong at drama 'Start Up' can hand over the title of doing nothing for years to Sangdo at drama 'Welcome To Samdalri'.

Previously in 2020, the character played by Kim Seon-ho, Han Jipyeong, became a hot topic of conversation because he did not pursue the woman of his dreams, Seo Dalmi (Bae Suzy) and instead remained in place for three years when his first love was left by his rival, Nam Dosan (Nam Joohyuk).

Now the throne of doing nothing can be handed over to the character 'Welcome To Samdalri' which will air in 2023-2024, played by Kang Yeongsok or Bu Sangdo. Because he passed Han Jipyeong's record by not doing anything for 8 years and instead was busy driving Lamborghinis even though he knew that Samdal (Shin Hyesun) or his first love had broken up with his girlfriend Yongpil (Ji Changwook).

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