Looking For Feel-Good Anime? Delicious in Dungeon Might Be Fit For You

source: myanimelist
source: myanimelist

Talking about anime that airs in the winter season, I’d convince to myself never skip a new episode of Delicious in Dungeon every week. The first episode successfully makes me curious about what happens next with the main characters.

Delicious in Dungeon or Dungeon Meshi is a fantasy and comedy anime. The story revolves around Marcille, Laios, and Chilchuck who want to save their teammate, Falin from a dangerous dragon. Falin has saved them and now she is the one who remains with the dragon.

To rescue Falin’s life, they must face the problems of poorness situation. Laios asks his team members to eat monsters of Dungeon so they don't have to spend money. With the help of Senshi, Laios and his team can eat monsters without hesitation. Senshi, a professional chef, decides to join Laios as he wants to explore monsters.

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To be honest, Dungeon Meshi is familiar with Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill. The story may be different but they both examine cooking. There are many cooking scenes and the animation is too damn cool. I swear you all got hungry as you saw the tempting dish of monsters.

I highly recommend this one if you seek feel-good, fantasy, and comedy anime. Every episode will make you want to cook or eat everything you have in your refrigerator.

But if you are looking for a complicated or complex plot, Dungeon Meshi might be not for you. The slow pace and the minimal action scenes might make you bored.

Dungeon Meshi is available on Netflix. I can’t give more comments because the anime is airing and only have two episodes so far. Personal rating: 4.5/5 (might change or not, depends on the ending).

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