All You Need to Know About One Piece Spin-Off Called Monsters

source: myanimelist
source: myanimelist

In 2024, who doesn't know about Eiichiro Oda? His work, One Piece became a global hit after the manga and anime debut in the 1990s. We know that the universe of One Piece is massive and the story is still ongoing. In the middle of the new arc comes, Egghead Arc, Oda seems trying to make Nakama (One Piece’s fans) can’t stop excited as the new trailer of Monsters comes up.

Monster: Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku or Monster: 103 Mercites Dragon Damnation is a spin-off from One Piece. Having the same universe as One Piece, Monster has the time set before Luffy. The story follows a slew of adventurers, from Cyrano to Ryuma.

Monster anime adapted from the original manga that was published in 1994 as a one-shot under Oda and explores the beasts of One Piece’s olden age. A Couple of days ago, Netflix announced the trailer on YouTube. This Oda’s masterpiece is available on January 21.

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I haven’t read the manga, but as an anime viewer, I set high expectations for this one. As we can see One Piece has become the most successful anime and greatest anime of all time (you can disagree with me), I assume Oda would not disappoint us with his new work. Also, the story itself is still connected to One Piece, I’m pretty sure we can get answers from the mystery unsolved. You can watch the trailer for Monster here:

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