I Watch Mashle: Magic and Muscles Because of Bling-Bang-Bang-Born


The new year means the time for a new anime trend. As an anime lover, I know that the opening and ending of anime are prominent as the anime itself. Last year, many anime songs became global hits. This time, netizens are welcoming a new trend called BlingBangBangBorn, the title of the opening of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 by Creepy Nuts.

Creepy Nuts is a Japanese hip-hop unit formed in 2013. The song suddenly became popular and took over the trend globally. Everyone joins the BlingBangBangBorn trend where they all dance like Mash did in the opening. Not only become a trend, the movement is also iconic as Mash is one of the most hilarious characters I’ve known so far.

The diction of the song sounds cheerful and ear-catching at the same time. Also, the hip-hop element is joyful to hear for non-hip-hop lovers.

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“Now singin' Bling-bang-bang, bling-bang-bang, bling-bang-bang-born”

For me, the opening has a big potential to defeat many iconic anime soundtracks like SPECIALZ by King Gnu or Idol by YOASOBI. But the important thing is the song did a good job of attracting new audiences like me.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is not an ordinary parody anime

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a parody anime from Harry Potter, one of the best fantasy franchises. Took the setting in the magical world, the story is about Mash, a young man who doesn’t have magical abilities. He was raised by a weak mage, Regro Burndead. Although Mash is his non-biological son, Regro protects him at all costs.

He orders Mash to not go out of the forest where they live because Mash doesn’t have a distinctive mark as a sign of magic power. One day Mash broke the promise and his life changed completely. After that incident, he registers to Easton Magic Academy to achieve his goals, live peacefully with his father. In the new school, he starts an unexpected journey with his beloved friends.

As the comedy-action anime, Mashle: Magic and Muscles did so well. The first episode successfully made me laugh with the goofy act of the characters. The jokes are funny and not so cringe. Mash reminds me of Saitama, the main character from One Punch Man as he has been overpowered too.

With the fool and witty elements, Mashle: Magic and Muscles is not just an ordinary parody anime. Many issues occurred and are highlighted here. Every character has a problem in this magical world where mages control the society.

As the protagonist, Mash is abandoned by his parents. His non-biological father, Regro must receive unjust treatment from society because he is a weak mage. His life is full of misfortune until he found Mash, the meaning of his life.

Mash’s friends also perceive the discrimination. The magical power is elevated until it breaks society and how people view life as only the strongest can rule and dominate the world. The conscience no longer exists.

The discrimination issue is reflected in the real world and still happening nowadays. Without magical power, almost everyone has ever perceived it by their looks or gender. The presence of Mash here shows the hope of this never-ending problem.

With the comedy aspect, the anime seems amusing to watch even though it spotlights a quite serious issue. I recommend Mashle: Magic and Muscles to anyone seeking a comedy anime without cringe jokes. Personal rating: 9/10.

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