One Piece Spin-Off Monsters: 103 Is Now Available, The Appearance of Young Ryuma Shitmotsuki


The long-awaited anime, Monsters is officially released on Netflix. With the full title Monster: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation or Monsters: Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku, the anime tells more about one of the important characters in One Piece, Ryuma Shitmotsuki. If you are familiar with him, he is the man who fights with Zoro as they met at Thriller Bark.

The Monsters has only one episode with 24 minutes duration. The anime starts with the story of a dragon’s horn that was stolen ten years ago and belief has mysterious powers. At the same time, the threat still exists as the dragon is coming.

With short duration, the anime doesn't show you complex conflicts. The story revolves around the three main characters, Ryuma, Cyrano, and Flare. The presence of Ryuma in the city where Flare lives somehow helps her to find out about her past and solve the mystery of the dragon’s horn.

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If you are comparing it with One Piece, there is no epic battle here. Fans only watch a little of Ryuma’s life moments. He’s known as Sword God in Wano and “King”, a nickname given by people who he helps.

Ryuma also was a powerful Strong Blade, type of swordsman whose swordplay resembled a mix of kenjutsu and battojustu. Because of his skills, he can beat enemies easily, including those who are known unbeatable.

Ryuma looks young, fresh, and has black hair which was tied in the end with a topknot. He wears a simple khaki samurai gi and simple zori sandals. He looked so different when he turned out to be a zombie with his skull face, no eyes, and no nose. The episode closed with a great scene as fans can see Zombie Ryuma meet Zoro. Monsters is now available on Netflix. Don’t miss it if you are Nakama.

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