Ninja Kamui, An Outstanding Original Anime This Year That You Can't Be Missed

source: myanimelist
source: myanimelist

If you are a fan of action anime, you’ll probably like my recommendation. Solo Leveling might be a good fit for you, but there is a hidden gem anime in this season called Ninja Kamui. This one has successfully made me amazed with the battle scene and the story so far.

Ninja Kamui is produced by E&H Production, the same studio with spin-off One Piece, Monsters. Although it was established in 2021, the animation work in Ninja Kamui is beyond my expectations. I can say this studio can be compared with Ufotable, a studio behind Demon Slayer franchise.

Ninja Kamui is telling about Joe Higan, a former ninja who escaped his clan and is hiding from his violent past in rural America with his family. Sadly, he is ambushed by a group of assassins from his former organization. Couldn’t accept the reality, Higan is awakened from the pain and ready to take his revenge.

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His acts somehow invite the FBI to investigate ninja things. As time goes by, the FBI team (Mike Moriss and Emma Samanda) finds the correlation between the ninja organization and the giant company Auza. Together with the FBI, Higan finds the truth behind all of this. Will he be able to do his revenge for the death of his family?

The anime is still airing and has 12 episodes. I already watched until episode 3 and so far all I can say is WOW. I’ve never seen anime with incredible battle scenes like Ninja Kamui did. The scoring that fills in is a perfect match. Also, I get goosebumps in every fighting scene as blood splatter views come up.

For you who like gore anime, perhaps you like this one. The plot is not long-winded and in every episode, you’ll see the terror that hit the main character. What I find more interesting is that the source story is original. It means the anime is not adapting from anywhere. All you have to do is wait every week to know the whole story.

It might be a good deal and sound fair enough because there is no spoiler on the internet. I hope the story will be as good as the animation until the end.

Not forget to mention, the voice actor that joins in this project is quite popular. If you miss Nanami Kento, Higan may heal you because Kenjirou Tsuda did the voiceover. Not only Tsuda, there are Yuuki Wakai, Atsushi Ono, and Tomoyaki Shimura.

Last but not least, the opening song is extremely bangin. Vengeance by coldrain potentially becomes the candidate for the best opening anime in 2024.

Personal rating: 5/5, watch it if you like action anime!

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